Welcome to Photography Club of Gandhidham

The Photography Club of Gandhidham is for hobbyist and amateur photographer who has passion for photography. Gandhidham lacked a common platform for such activity for long time. The club has been formed with broad object to educate the members to improve the skill of photography by the way of participation in various activities and and providing and sharing resources and knowledge.

PCoG organizes one day photo-meet at various locations around Kachchh. Where members can exchange and learn new ideas for photography of various subjects. District of Kachchh offers variety of subjects for photography from wild-life to colorful cultures and from interesting ancient architectural places to panoramic beauty of desert and marsh lands.

PCoG also organizes workshops conducted by its members where members are explained and described various techniques to improve their photography covering various aspects of photography and also from basic to advanced post processing techniques .

PCoG has created a Flickr Group where the members can share their photographs and discuss and exchange ideas about them. Further PCoG encourages members to have their own blog/site where they can publish their photographs individually.

The secondary object of the Club is to cover the District of Kachchh and get its richness documented by the way of photographs.

Photos from PCoG Flickr Group [Click here to visit the PCoG Flickr Group]


Photos from the latest Photo-meet at Chokhanda Mahdev and Vasai Jain Tirth, Bhadreshwar, Kutch, Gujarat[Click here for more details]

Useful software and sites

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Photo Critiques

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Suggest location for Photo-meet

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Photography Tips and Trick

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Contest and Exhibitions

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