Chhari Dhandh, Kutch, Gujarat

Photo meet at Chhari Dhand, Kutch Gujarat

The previous photo-meet to around Dhinodhar hill and Than Jaagir was exciting and required another trip to cover the area on 16-03-2009(Sunday).

Another interesting visiting place near Dhinodhar Hill is Chhari Dhand. We visited Kutch Fossil Park again, and young Vikram Sodha accompanied as our guide to Chhari Dhand and surrounding areas.

Chhari-Dhand is the largest natural wetland in Kachchh District (Gujarat), located near Chhari-Fulay village of Nakhtrana, Taluka. This wetland is home to thousands of migratory waterfowl. During a good monsoon year Chhari-Dhand(Dhand, a shallow lake) gets inundated with rain water that lasts through out the year and is a paradise for amateur bird watchers, wetland and wildlife experts. It provides habitat for 55 species with the abundance of around 50,000 birds. Many of these fall under the rare and threatened categories. Many raptor species, Greater flamingo , Great white pelican, Common pochards and Common coot are some of the bird species commonly found here. The Indian wolf, Jungle cat, Chinkara, Caracal are the threatened mammalian fauna that depend on this wetland.
Chhari Dhand, Kutch (by Jayesh Bheda)

However, when we visited it was completely dry as the monsoon was below than average. Still the panoramic view of the barren land was breathtaking.

Thereafter, while returning we visited Kori Hill, a small mound of about 200-250 mtrs. But it was not the hill but its surrounding are, which is one of the fossil site in Kutch.

Map Chhari Dhand, Kutch, Gujarat

Photos from the meet

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