Chokhenda Mahdev and Vasai Bhadreshwar Jain Tirth, Kutch

Photo-meet at Chokhanda Mahdev and Vasai Bhadreshwar Jain Tirth (21-06-2009, Sunday)

After a break during month of May, being summer month at peak, PCoG arranged another photo-meet around Village Bhdareshwar, Kutch.

First we visited Chokhanda Mahadev, and ancient Shiv Temple, which was destroyed during the earthquake of 2001 and has been reconstructed. The temple complex is far from the main highway and offers peaceful and quite environment. The Pujariji was known to us as he was from Gandhidham and offered tea.

After few hours at Chokhanda Mahdev, we went to another temple, which is yet under construction. We visited Vasai Jain Tirth near Village Bhadreshwar. The Jain Temple is considered one of the oldest Jain Temple of Kutch. Believed to be constructed some 2500 years ago and destroyed and re-built more than once. During the earth quake of 2001, the temple was completely destroyed. The temple is now under construction for last 4-5 years with attempts to restore the previous glory it had.

The temple provides beautiful and amazing showcase of archielogical style of Jain temples.

How to reach : By road, Village Bhadreshwar is 35 km from Gandhidham , 30 km from Mundra. Government bus and private taxi are available from all the points to reach the village.

Map of Chokhanda Mahdev and Bhadreshwar Jain Tirth, Kutch

Photos from the meet
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