Photo Meet Various Ponds Around Gandhidham Kachchh

Photo Meet Various Ponds Around Gandhidham Kachchh on 22-02-2009

Who missed the previous Kidana-pond meet wished to visit it again. Therefore, a full day program was organized covering other water-pools of Antarjal, Shinay, Sanghad and salt pans near Jogninar Temple in addition to pond of Kidana in a circular route.

At the beginning of our trip, around IFFCO-Udaynagar , we noticed various perching birds like Little green bee eater, Indian roller, Greater Coucal (Crow-Pheasant), partridge, kite etc.

at the pond of Kidana, and shot photographs and videos as well. As it was early hours (about 9 am onwards) the birds were settling at their positions to take morning sunbath. Ordinarily after a chilled night, birds warm up themselves before getting involved in other activities.

We left for the lake at Shinay village. We had expected little or no activities at the lake as it was noon time, however we spotted a large flock of White Pelicans getting ready for taking off.

Thereafter, we moved to village Sanghad, where we visited a dam constructed some years back , by creating a barrier to natural water flow of a river(or some water stream). The area was peaceful and pleasant as it has not yet been affected by the Sunday-picnic-traffic.

After having lunch at Jogninar Temple we visited the salt-pans near to the temple in anticipation of finding Greater Flamingos. Disappointingly, what we did find were scatted birds. It took some time and some walking before we found a small group of flamingos, making the visit decently worthy.

While returning we visited small pond of Antarjal. Shockingly it was dried out even before the end of the winter, causing scarcity of water for coming hot summer.

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