Photo Meet Village Kidana Kachchh

Photo-meet on 8-02-2009 (Sunday)

As the winter season ending soon, members of Photography Club of Gandhidham, took an opportunity to visit migrating birds before they leave for the year.

This time it was decided to visit the pond of village Kidana, which is very near, almost merged with town of Gandhidham. While checking the aerial view of the Kidana pond in Google Map, we were bit disappointed as it showed water pool as just a large ditch.

However, when we visited the pond of Kidana, we got more that we expected.There was a small island in the pond, which offered safe shelter to the birds. At least 10 different species were spotted at one place like 1. Painted stork, 2. White pelican, 3. Large Egret, 4. Grey Heron, 5. Darter /Snake bird, 6. Shoveler duck and drake, 7. Large Cormorant (?), 8. Little Cormorant, 9. Spoon bill etc.

Also there was party of little and large cormorants diving and hunting in flock. It was interesting to see the little cormorants sub-merging to hunt fish almost simultaneously and re-appear.

White Great Pelicans and plover fished together and it was astonishing to see the one of the largest bid compared with other smaller birds like spoonbills.

It was surprising to find so many species at the pond of Kidana, which is almost unknown to anyone. On given good attention this spot can be good tourist and bird-watching place.

Map of Pond at village Kidana, Kachchh, Gujarat

Photos/video from the meet
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