Photo meet at Village Vira, Kachchh

Photo-meet on 18-01-2009 (Sunday)

Another photo-meet of PCoG was decided to organise at Village Vira, Kachchh. In the way a small pond was found before Village Shinay and provided some good bird-watching opportunity and spotted (1) Grey Heron (2) Spoonbills (3) Blackwinged Stilts (4) White wagtail (5) Desert Wheatear.

After reaching Jogninar Temple we picked up our host Naranbhai of Vira who also assisted as the local guide. He took us to Temple of Harsiddha Ma of Village Vira and thereafter we reached to the farm of Bhikhabhai. There we had good photo shoots with birds and buffaloes. Birds we spotted at the farm were mainly consisting plenty of Cattle egrets and some lonely Paddy bird and Black winged stilt.

While returning from there we spotted packs of Greater Flamingos at the salt-pans near Jogninar Temple.

Map of Village Vira and salt-pans near the sea shore.

Photos from the meet
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